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Christmas presents

Guilty of grudge gifts? Our Christmas spend on people we dislike

There’s no denying Christmas is a very expensive time. But are you spending your money on your loved ones – or shelling out for people you aren’t particularly fond of in the first place? It’s an interesting question – and the answer may surprise you.

In fact, more than nine in 10 of us (a whopping 93%) will spend an average of £62.80 a year on people we don’t actually like, according to cashback and rewards site Quidco.

We will buy gifts for two to three people on average we dislike every year – and 11% of us even hand over a gift fully expecting it to end up in the bin within hours.

Colleagues topped the list of people we are most likely to buy grudge gifts for, followed by a sister-in-law and neighbour.

With the news that 16% of us in receipt of a grudge gift would pass the present on next Christmas and 13% would take it to a charity shop at the earliest opportunity, are there any alternatives to this unwanted festive splurge?

Christmas – how to be savvy but not Scrooge-like

The easiest thing to do, especially if it’s work colleagues, is to politely back out of any present exchanges or Secret Santa gifts.

It’s not always possible to avoid buying gifts for those we aren’t keen on, especially if they are family members. But there are things you can do to make sure it’s not denting your Christmas budget too much.

If you’re buying gifts for work colleagues, you could set a limit of £5 to £10. You could also give something handmade instead, especially if you’ve got a hidden talent - with everyone feeling the pinch, your suggestion may be very welcome. Cooking something doesn’t have to cost much, but shows thought.

Take a look in charity shops and consider shopping online too (but don’t forget delivery charges). No-one needs to know where you got your present from.

This takes a bit of forethought, but a suggestion from our guest blogger Coupon Queen could work for next year: ‘I collect lots of freebies throughout the year and very regularly get deluxe samples of beauty products and perfumes. These are great for creating hampers with or for stocking fillers, as everyone needs travel size products from time to time.’

Last minute gifts can sometimes be costly but thinking ahead could help you save some money.

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