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HSBC customers at cashpoint

HSBC delayed payments – what should you do if you’re affected?

Around 275,000 BACS payments have been affected by an IT glitch at HSBC today. BACS payments are one of the systems banks use to credit money to your account.

This could have a knock-on effect for any customers expecting payments such as their wages today, or due to make payments and Direct Debits from their accounts.

The issues also include payments to customers of other banks from an HSBC account.

HSBC are working to resolve the problem but, as it currently stands, there is no information as to when customers can expect credits to reach their accounts.

If you have been affected, either as a customer of HSBC or because you’re expecting a payment from an HSBC account, you may be wondering what you should do next. Below, we outline your options.

Update (5.25pm, Friday 28 August): HSBC have said the majority of payments will be completed today, with the remainder completed overnight. If you haven't received your credits by tomorrow, contact your bank.

Can’t pay your bills?

Don’t panic yet. If it’s for an important transaction, such as your rent or your mortgage, make sure you inform your provider there may be a delay in payment.

If you are a customer of HSBC and are affected, they may provide temporary overdraft facilities until the issue is resolved.

If you don’t bank with HSBC but have been affected by the issues today, bring evidence of any charges you may have incurred into an HSBC branch who will look at it for you.  

I’m in overdraft now – will I get charged?

HSBC is working with other banks to make sure nobody is left out of pocket because of the glitch.

You should never find yourself getting into overdraft or being charged late fees due to a mistake made from a bank.

How can I keep updated with the HSBC glitch?

If you are a HSBC customer, you can go into branch or phone HSBC’s customer service line on 0345 740 4404. 

Further updates are being posted on HSBC’s Twitter.


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  • Sarah / 28 August 2015

    I think it is disgusting that a big bank like these has so many problem this has happened more than once this year. I had people to pay and uniform to get for grandchildren and also going away with work on Monday,I am glad I not a customer of this bank.