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In the news: this week's top money stories

We've rounded up of the main money stories from the last week to keep you clued up in the world of personal finance.

1. Almost half of Brits lie to their partner about money

Money Advice Service research revealed 45% of people in relationships aren't always honest about their finances with their other half. One in five admitted they've lied about their earnings, while 41% don't know how much their partner earns.

2. Holiday makers warned Facebook posts could stop insurance claims

Posting a photo of the beach or "checking in" at an airport are just some of the ways you could be invalidating your home insurance if something happens while you're away, say the Financial Ombudsmen Service.

3. Funeral prices rocket, leaving families to pay

In ten years a funeral could cost £7,200 - up from £5,423 today - which could force more families to borrow to cover the cost. In 2013, 109,000 adults had an average debt of £1,305 from paying for a funeral.

4. Car fuel economy figures don't add up

Consumer organisation Which? tested 200 cars and found only three delivered on the miles per gallon promises on the sales brochures. It estimates that the average driver pays £133 more on fuel each year than they expect they will.

5. Parking fees ranked the most hated charge by Brits

A poll of loathed fees revealed the UK hates unreasonable parking charges more than any other, with cash machine fees and debit or credit card charges next up.


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