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In honour of National Dog Day, we meet the mutts of the Money Advice Service and ask the owners about the cost of keeping a dog and pet insurance.

It’s a dog’s life – our priceless pooches

Every dog has its day and, hot on the heels of International Cat Day earlier this month, that day has come at last.

In honour of National Dog Day, we meet the mutts of the Money Advice Service and ask the owners about the cost of keeping a dog and pet insurance.

Yogi - Newfoundland

Standing about 1.7 metres on his hind legs and weighing 60 kilograms, this not-so-little bundle of fur is a bit of a handful. He’s two years old and his hormones are making him a little…shall we say boisterous.

Neutering your dog can cost less than £100, but for a large dog, like Yogi, you are looking at closer to £400. It’s one of those costs which you don’t necessarily think about.

Eva – Labrador

Better safe than sorry is a good motto when it comes to pet insurance. Eva is only four and has always been pretty healthy.

Owner Joe thinks it’s great to have a policy, it gives you peace of mind and it’s good to know you’re covered in case of any injuries or sudden illnesses.

Raffles von Casely a.k.a Bat Dog – Dachshund

You might think it's not worth taking out insurance on a dog until they get a little older, but for Venetia’s sister-in-law and this canine caped crusader the opposite was true. He fell very ill when he was just 10 weeks old and has so far racked up vet bills of nearly £600.

Thankfully, pet insurance had been taken out, and Raffles is much better now.

Ronnie – Rottweiler


There are times when getting pet insurance seems like a must.

Ronnie is a rescue dog from Blue Cross and has hip dysplasia. Owner Emma says so far it has not been needed, but it’s great to have the peace of mind.

Stanley – Greyhound

"We got insurance for Stanley as soon as we took him in," said owner Robert. "It’s definitely been worth it. It paid for two big treatments for him. First, when he sliced his foot open and bled all over our house (and the vet’s office).

"When again he got very ill, the vet ended up keeping him in hospital on a drip for a couple of days. He lost so much weight in that episode we started feeding him chicken to encourage him to eat more. Since then he’s refused to eat anything else – sadly, the insurance doesn’t pay for our chicken supply."

Elmo, Rizzo and Gonzo – (Two German Shepherd and Golden Doodle cross and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

Owner Amanda would definitely recommend pet insurance.  She said: "Gonzo (the blonde one) managed to get a grass dart in his paw.  We thought we had removed all of it but that was not the case.  A small part still remained and travelled up his leg, which meant he needed an op to remove it.  As I had pet insurance, I did not have to find the £300 for the vet bill, just the excess (£75). 

"The insurance is only £12 per month per dog, so this has already paid for itself. This happened a couple of years ago and as you can see he is fine now."

Jenson – Borador (Border Collie, Flat Haired Retriever cross)

John says pet insurance gives him the peace of mind to know that all potential big pet bills are covered and help would be available quickly.

The downside is when the dog has been off-colour, the vet bill has been below the excess (£60), so that's something worth considering when you choose your pet insurance product.

And as a bonus…here's a picture of a puppy!

This is Bea and she's a ten week old Border Terrier.

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