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Men spend three times more on a night out than women

The average man spends £126.42 on a night out, while the average woman spends £37.90. This is a staggering difference of £88.52. 

The next day, 82% of men regret spending so much money, as do 34% of women, according to the survey by VoucherCodesPro.

Perhaps tellingly, 47% of women and 49% of men, also admit to paying on their card or taking money out during the night in a bid to increase their budget.


Do your good saving habits disappear once 5pm on a Friday rolls around? Money management is an important habit but sometimes resolve can be difficult to maintain. Especially when you’re faced with rounds or splitting the cost of a meal out.

We talked to our Tell MA community for their thoughts on how they make sure they have fun without waking up the next day with a wallet full of regretful receipts.

Keeping costs low on your night out

Be honest about what you can afford.  Many community members simply said they are honest with their friends when money is running low. Speak up early about avoiding rounds.

If you do want to treat yourself (after all, life can get boring if we can’t relax every once in a while), having a budget can help. Take a look at your incomings and outgoings and see what you can afford. Once you know what your budget is, take this amount out as cash and leave the cards behind.


Staying in – the new going out? And other ideas…

If you’re guilty of overspending on your social life, there are alternatives.

Our community members suggested entertaining at home or going to friends’ houses to keep costs down.

With summer on the way, one member suggested BBQs as an inexpensive choice. Why not organise one and get everyone to bring a dish or a bottle? 

Vouchers and coupons can be another good way to keep costs down. Some restaurants offer deals if you sign up for their newsletters, or on Facebook and Twitter, so it’s worth keeping an eye on your favourite brands.

What do you do to keep the costs of going out low?


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  • David. Irvine / 1 June 2015

    You don't say anything that is not in Sunday Newspapers every week

  • Lynne / 1 June 2015

    I am over 60 (only just!) and take full advantage of offers on meal deals, ticket concessions that are around. There are lots if you keep up to date on websites. Also, for any age, many restaurants do great deals for early diners and happy hours for meals and cocktails. There seems to be a lot around at the moment, summer promotions I think. I also belong to the meet up group (just type in Meet up on google), and the organisers often get great deals on group bookings. Happy social life!

  • Claire Ames / 1 June 2015

    To save money on a night out, my friends and I put together a kitty, usually £10 each. We take it in turns to buy rounds from the kitty. This usually lasts most of the evening, especially if there is a large group of us. When it runs out, we have the choice of putting in more or buy our own drinks. No one is pressured into putting money into the kitty, but we all find that our budget for the night lasts a lot longer than paying individually or buying rounds.