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More than half of Brits are confused by complex money matters. Take our quiz to see how you fare

Do you understand what annuities are? How about auto-enrolment?

A poll by Legal & General reveals more than half of Brits say they’ve received a poor financial education – if any at all. This means some big decisions about cash just don’t make sense.

The survey shows 42% don’t know how annuities work, 36% are confused about access to personal pension plans and 31% know nowt about auto-enrolment.

These topics might seem low priority while you’re young or the last thing you think about if you’re struggling to get by – but they can all have a huge effect on you.

To see how you fare, we’ve built this quick quiz. Do you know your investments from your annuities?

Legal & General, alongside the Money Advice Trust, is holding a Google Hangout on 26 February at 10.30 on family finances if you want to learn more.

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  • Emily-Jane Stuttard / 10 March 2015

    this was interesting but I'd have quite likd it if there were more questions!

  • Abeda Khan / 28 February 2015

    Schools do not equip children for financial understanding in the real world. The curriculum should be designed around real life situations like working out how much interest will be charged on a loan. How stocks and shares work. How Pensions work. How to get a mortgage and to work out the interest and what APR is ? Saving schemes how they work. How to work out the electricity/gas bills. I know this all comes under Maths but the concepts of maths should be geared around everyday situations and not hypothetical things.

    From the age of 16 they should have exams on these before they leave school. Also on how's they manage their salaries.

  • Admin / 25 February 2015

    ADMIN: Hi Dianne - Sorry to hear about your situation but unfortunately we do not provide one-to-one advice on our blog. Please contact an adviser on 0300 500 5000 or by using our webchat service for more help. Thank you.

  • Dianne kitts / 25 February 2015

    I am worried to death my husband passed away last year and I'm left with a morgage of £10.000 it has to be paid for June don't no which way to turn not sleeping