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Phoney deal? Avoid mobile phone contract misery

Do you have that sneaky feeling you might be paying over the odds for your mobile phone each month?

Well, you could be right – research from Citizens Advice suggests some customers are paying more than double what they need to for their mobile phone contracts.

Average monthly tariffs recommended by phone staff in the mystery shop were £23.16 –more than double the price of the most suitable tariff found by Citizens Advice (£9.89).

Getting a good deal can feel like a bit of a minefield, but it is possible to avoid a phoney deal with a bit of research and some savvy tips.

Pay less for your mobile phone – here’s how

First, make sure you do your research. This isn’t always possible for everyone, but if you can buy your handset outright, you may find it’s cheaper in the long run.  Use comparison sites to shop around and find the best deal for you.

I am recently upgrading my phone, and before I phoned my provider, I made sure I took a look at my typical month’s usage of data, texts and phone calls. There’s no point going for a deal that will get you unlimited texts, when what you really use your phone for is browsing the internet – or vice versa. Knowing exactly how you use your phone will make it easier to pinpoint what you need.  Haggle with your phone provider too – they may offer you some cheaper deals.

The Citizens Advice report also recommends phone providers split out the cost of the handset and tariff. Not all of them currently do this, but you could ask yours to give youthe breakdown, so you can make an informed decision yourself.  

Could a Sim-only phone be better for you?

If you’re happy with your phone, there may be no real reason to upgrade the handset – you could ask for a Sim-only deal, which are often a lot cheaper.

Before you get mobile phone insurance, consider whether you really need it. Sometimes it is, especially if you have an expensive handset, but remember you don’t need to get it from your mobile phone provider. Third party insurers may offer cheaper policies, and you might already be covered by your bank account – it’s worth checking first.

If you are really struggling with paying your phone bills, speak to your supplier. It may be able to switch you onto a cheaper tariff or propose changes to make your contract more affordable.

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  • Kevin Gorinshteyn / 27 April 2017

    Finding cheapest deal with phone and you have no idea then it's no problems. You can fellow above all mention step. All step mention how do find or how to deals . ? Great informative post

  • Jimmy buchan / 5 April 2016

    I was with one of the big name networks for about 15 years and about 10 of those years must have been on a contract. I dread to think how much money i gave them over the years but now i am a bit more savvy i kept my old handset and got a good PAYG deal with ASDA. Now im paying £10 a month instead of £35. Pays to shop around.