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Messy wardrobe

Quit hoarding and find £100s

How often do you use your fancy kitchen equipment? Or how about your old electronic items? You could be missing out by not selling them on. Why not put some time aside this weekend for a pre-Christmas clear out?

The items most commonly collecting dust in our households are kitchen equipment and electronics including game consoles, cameras and camcorders, with 23% of us admitting to leaving them unused, according to research by cashback website

Other items going unused include sporting equipment, with 18% of respondents declaring sports stuff to most likely to gather dust. 11% said their camping gear rarely gets an outing.

Making money by selling your unwanted items

Sometimes the secret to good money management doesn’t have to be about cutting back – but could be about selling instead.

What single items top the list as the least used in the survey?

Blenders, treadmills, coffee makers and DVD players are the items most commonly named.

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Selling items you no longer use or recycling your laptop or mobile phone can be great ways to boost your income. Setting up an eBay account could be easier than you think and you could be making money in no time.

Christmas is coming – is it time to budget?

Although it may seem like a while away yet, budgeting early on for Christmas is always a good idea. Our research discovered the average UK adult expected to spend £530 on Christmas last year.

The cost of everything can quickly mount up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a merry Christmas! Thinking about costs early on will mean you’re less likely to have to rely on credit cards or overdrafts.

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