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first time ebay seller Angela

Selling online for the first time? Here's how

If you have cupboards chock full of stuff you’ll never use, why not start selling it off?

All of us accumulate stuff. It fills any gaps in cupboards, spare rooms, the loft, garage and shed. You could fill numerous wheelie bins full of things we no longer want, but clog up valuable storage areas. Or you could just sell it!

Angela's selling story

Angela, mum to a four-year old, decided to sell, told us how she was prompted to sell: “I like selling things online now as I’ve realised how easy it can be. You get the double whammy of getting rid of some things you don’t want any more, making some money and someone else gets a bargain. It’s a win, win.”

If you want to know more about selling online watch Angela’s video.

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  • Peter / 21 January 2016

    What about advice to buyers? Is it better to put any spare cash they have aside for emergencies rather than buying secondhand items other people are selling?

  • mary gelston / 20 January 2016

    This sounds interesting to me . I will prob give it a try, am not good at photos though.

  • lynn wilson / 19 January 2016

    I have done a small clearance with clothes, bags and a pair of shoes, along with a dvd's, nintendo games also a few cd's made around £4.50 not much but its a starting point.

  • Brigid / 16 January 2016

    You are to quick in explaining and show fotos and don't show how you get them on the screen.