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The costly fashion mistakes men make

The spotlight’s on the capital this week as London Fashion Week takes to the catwalk … in a car park in the centre of the city.

The venue will host 78 designers including Burberry, Vivienne Westwood and Christopher Kane, as well as some of the week’s 52 catwalk shows and 26 presentations taking place over the five-day event.

The focus is on womenswear but new research has shed light on the contents of men’s wardrobes.

Findings show that while men spend one tenth more than women on clothes they only wear 13 per cent of them regularly.            

Men spent an average of £660 per year on their wardrobes, compared to a £612 annual spend by women.

The reason for buying garments that are rarely worn is apparently due to pester power from their partners, according to Thread, a virtual stylist service.

The research also reveals that Sheffield men have more expensive wardrobes than in any other part of the country.

The average clothing spend in Sheffield was found to be £2,419 compared to just £1,754 in London and £932 in Norwich.

In second place was Leeds where wardrobes were found to be worth £1,945 while in Brighton the average adult male outfit was found to be worth £1,761.

But with only 13 per cent of these clothes worn regularly, is if money well spent? Here’s our tips for threads for less.

Fashion on the cheap

1. Keep it classic.

Don’t buy into the gimmicks of the season. Investing in timeless pieces will stand the test of time giving you years of wear.

2. Say ‘Hi’ to the high street.

Forget designer, the high street is hot on the heels of the catwalk giving you an equivalent look for a fraction of the price.

3. Shop within your budget.

Know what your budget is before you hit the shops and stick to it.


4. Wait until the sales.

There always seems to be promotions and offers on the go. If you have your eye on an item, check in until the price falls.

5. Is it need or want?

Do you really need yet another pair of trendy trainers just because they are in another colour? What else might you use that money for?


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