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Embrace your inner numbers person this National Numeracy Day

Think you’re not a numbers person? Think again.

How do numbers make you feel? Does the thought of doing maths bring you out in a cold sweat or does it make you feel smart? Or perhaps you put your fingers in your ears and go ‘la la la’?

Many of us say we’re not numbers people. But numbers play a big part in all of our lives. From household budgeting, to shopping, cooking, getting to work on time, we all use numbers every day.

Nerves are normal

Despite this, 1 in every 2 working-age adults in the UK struggles with using numbers. Often it’s a lack of confidence, stemming from a bad experience at school, that leads so many of us to swerve situations which involve maths.

But this could be holding millions of people back. Every household budget runs on numbers. So do decisions about our cash flow. Research has found that the average cost to individuals with poor numeracy is £460 a year. Those with poor numeracy skills are more than twice as likely to be unemployed and it has even been linked to depression.

So when it comes to big decisions and finances we have to get confident crunching some sums. Our bank balances and general well-being could depend on it. 

Time to brush up

National Numeracy (a charity dedicated to helping improve the nation’s abilities with everyday maths.) is helping thousands of adults to see that being better with numbers isn’t a special talent. It’s something we can all learn. National Numeracy Day, held on 16th May 2018, is about just that.

Follow the tips below to embrace your inner numbers person.

Believe in change - There’s nothing in our biology that makes us a numbers person or not, it’s all in our culture. If you want to improve then you can.

Talk it out - if your first attempt to solve a maths problem doesn’t work, ask someone else what they would do or find help online. There will always be plenty of people and places you can turn to for support when it comes to maths.

Keep at it – the more you do the better you’ll get and your confidence will soon start to soar.

Embrace your inner numbers person - Being better with numbers isn’t a special talent, it’s something we can all learn. We are all numbers people. We just don’t realise it yet.

What kind of numbers person are you? Find out by taking the quiz below:


This is a guest blog post by Rachel Malic, Communications Manager of National Numeracy, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the Money Advice Service.

National Numeracy Day takes place on 16th May 2018, the day will be an annual celebration of the importance of numbers in everyday life and will bring together individuals, employers, educators and influencers to improve numeracy.

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