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Thrifty Lesley

Video: Inside Thrifty Lesley's waste-free kitchen

What are the real money-saving secrets people who are truly frugal know? Pinching their tips and tricks could really help you put money back into your pocket.

We asked food blogger Thrifty Lesley, who practises everything she preaches, for the ideas that have made a real difference to her food budget.

Thrifty Lesley gives you her tips

Do you know what a ‘use up’ meal is? It’s the idea of having one meal a week (or more if you like) using up all the ingredients you have in your cupboards, and is one of the genius tips Thrifty Lesley shares with you.

Watch the video for more, including ideas on what to do with the food we most commonly throw away.

More food-saving ideas

Being frugal with your food isn’t just about your kitchen – it’s also about how you shop at the supermarket.

Supermarkets can be a minefield of special offers and deals, but it’s important to know when a deal is worth it. Make sure to check out if a ‘2-for-1’ or ‘3 for £1’ offer will actually save you money before you take the plunge.


Comparison sites are a great way to save money on your supermarket shopping too. You can compare the price of your weekly shop across many of the big stores and see when your favourites are on offer.

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  • Lesleys Monkey / 14 January 2016

    Thrifty Lesley probably only buy's reduced banana's anyway

  • Sparkly / 12 January 2016

    In reply to David - I've been told the opposite - that bananas give off a gas that helps other fruit to ripen, so if you need to use some pears soon, for example, for a planned recipe, but they are still too firm, put them in the same bowl as the bananas to encourage them to ripen sooner! I haven't heard abut other fruits giving off this gas and causing the bananas to ripen too soon. I'm sure someone will provide the definitive answer.

  • David / 11 January 2016

    Just a small tip. I was once advised by an established greengrocer to keep bananas separate from other fruit as other fruit makes bananas over-ripe and go black too quickly! I notice Lesley keeps her bananas in the same bowel as other fruit. Kept separately, bananas last longer.

  • Lynda Greenwood / 10 January 2016

    Any help is good

  • Sherrell / 10 January 2016

    Love it