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Your mums' top money tips

With Mother's Day this Sunday a chance to say thanks for everything she does and has done for you, we thought we should celebrate some of our reader's mums' nuggets of financial wisdom. 

Over on the Money Advice Service Facebook page we asked you to share the best money lessons you picked up from your mum. Here's our pick of your replies.

Thinking before you spend

"If you wouldn't have bought it full price then it's not a good deal in the sale" - Zoe

"Never take the first price, always haggle" - Sam

"It's only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway" - Alice

"Price per wear is a thing - so get the best quality you can afford" - Sinead

"If you don't need it, don't buy it" - Julie

When to borrow (and when not)

"With the exception of a mortgage, if you can't afford it in cash then you can't afford it" - Lana

"Getting into debt is easy. Getting out is like climbing walls of butter" - Bernice

"If you can't afford it, you don't get it" - Rebecca

"Don't lend money to friends" - Jade

Stay in control

"Manage your money, don't be a slave to it" - Carolyn

"Have your own money - never rely on a man!" - Laura

Help is at home

"Stay at home for as long as you need so you can save for a mortgage" - Gemma

"She always said she'd rather I went to her for help if I was struggling than to keep quite and get myself into trouble" - Vicky

Why you should save

"Always keep some for a rainy day" - Heather

"Save an amount equal to three months wages in case of emergencies" - Amy

Get your priorities right

"Rent and bills above everything else. As long as you have a home that's the main thing" - Nina

"When you've extra money, get the cupboards, fridge and freezer filled" - Marie

Bad mums 

"My mum was an absolute shower when it came to money, and that's the best example she ever gave me because I'll never be the same" - Carrie

"Don't do as I do" - Jane

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