How to talk to your children about money

What children see and learn about money in childhood will influence how they manage their money as adults. To be able to manage their finances well, children need to observe, talk about and experience using money on a regular basis while they are growing up.

Our research shows that children who are encouraged to talk about money, are given money regularly and are given responsibility for spending and saving tend to do better with money when they grow up.

Of course, parents and carers play a crucial role in building confidence and knowledge around money and there are also direct links between what parents do what their child’s long-term financial behaviour will be.

What’s more, many of our long-term money attitudes and habits have started to form by the age of seven, so the sooner you can start to talk to your child, the better.

To help you have the best conversations and be confident that you are teaching the behaviours that will make your child feel happy and in control around money, you can use our guides for practical, fun and easy ways to talk to your child, whatever their age.

Download ideas and activities for children age 3-11 in the Talk, Learn, Do guide.

The Talk, Learn, Do guide is also available in Welsh.

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