Making an investment plan

It’s easier to find the best home for your savings and investments with a plan. With a plan you know how much to save, and can keep track of progress.

Step 1 – Complete a money fact find

Top tip

The three steps to successful investing:

1. Fact find.

2. Make your plan.

3. Take action.

Before you can make a plan, you need to take stock - identify your needs and goals and work out how much you can save.

If you don’t have this information already, we can help you do a ‘quick check’ or a more detailed money fact find.

Step 2 – Make your investment plan

Drawing on the information from your money fact find, your investment plan should set out:

  • Your investment goals and what types of savings and investments might be suitable for achieving them, taking into account your timeframes, financial situation, risk appetite and tax position.
  • What kind of returns you need and can reasonably expect
  • The level of product charges you’re willing to pay
  • How much you want to manage your plan yourself and any adviser fees you’re willing to pay
  • How often you want to check how your investments are doing and under what circumstances you’ll make changes


Here’s an example of what the first steps in making an investment plan might look like.

It shows the key elements you would want to get into your plan.

Jane is 35 with a three-year-old son.

Lump sum available to invest: £20,000

Monthly amount available to invest: £500

Build up an emergency fund of 3 months essential outgoings

Timeframe (access my money): > 5 years (short term)

Features I’m looking for: Easy access; no risk to capital

Risk appetite: Low

Products to consider: Instant access accounts

Start saving for retirement

Timeframe (access my money): > 10 years (long term)

Features I’m looking for: Long term growth; tax efficient

Risk appetite: High

Products to consider: Pensions (check my employer pension scheme first); Stocks and shares ISA

Have enough to fund higher education

Timeframe (access my money): > 10 years (long term)

Features I’m looking for: Long term growth; available on specific date

Risk appetite: Medium

Products to consider: Stocks and shares or cash ISA; fixed term deposits; mixed asset or managed funds; fund gilts

Save £15,000 for a deposit to buy a flat

Timeframe (access my money): 5-10 years (med term)

Features I’m looking for: High interest; tax efficient; locked away

Risk appetite: Low

Products to consider: Savings Bonds; Cash ISA

Jane still needs to make decisions about how much she is going to save towards each goal, and this will influence her choice of saving and investment products.

She wants to keep costs down but is going to consider getting some independent financial advice about the best way to save a fund to help her son through university or an apprenticeship when he is older.

Your plan

Armed with information like Jane you can start looking for suitable products.

To help with making choices read our guides below: