Multi-employer pension schemes

Since October 2012, a new system of automatic enrolment for workplace pensions is being phased in. This means that by 2018 most workers will automatically be made members of a workplace pension scheme. In many cases, employers will use a multi-employer pension scheme, sometimes call a “master trust”.

What is a multi-employer pension scheme?

Some employers offer their own pension scheme, typically called a workplace pension.

A multi-employer pension scheme works like a workplace scheme but is provided by an organisation that is not your employer.

There are a number of large multi-employer schemes for employers and workers affected by automatic enrolment, including NEST, which is the workplace pension master trust set up by government.

Read our guide on NEST pensions.
See the Pension Quality Markopens in new window for examples of other multi-employer pension schemes.

Multi-employer pension scheme features

Different schemes will have different charges, usually based on contributions made and the amount of money that you have invested in your pension pot.

Schemes offer different investment choices and may also restrict who can join and how much money can be paid in each year.

If you are an employee and you want to find out more information about your workplace pension, you should speak to your employer.

If you are an employer, you may wish to speak to a financial adviser.

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