Before you borrow

Find out if you need to borrow money and whether you can afford it. Learn how to work out the true cost of borrowing.

  1. Do you need to borrow money?
  2. How to work out the true cost of borrowing
  3. Debt test
  4. Borrowing and credit basics
  5. Compare the cost of borrowing £1,000
  6. Avoid high fees and hidden borrowing costs
  7. Compare the cost of borrowing £5,000
  8. Loan calculator
  9. Should you borrow from family or friends?
  10. Taking out a joint loan: what you need to know
  11. Secured and unsecured borrowing explained
  12. Good debt versus bad debt
  13. Working out a repayment plan for your borrowing
  14. How much can you afford to borrow for a mortgage?
  15. Can you afford to borrow money?
  16. Rent to Own
  17. What happens when a payday lender goes into administration?
  18. What happens now Brighthouse has gone into administration?