Care advice and help

Help with choosing the right care services, setting up a power of attorney, and dealing with problems.

  1. Long-term-care services at a glance
  2. Planning ahead for when you can't manage your money
  3. Home care services to help you stay in your own home
  4. Preparing for illness, old age and death
  5. Care home or home care?
  6. Choosing the right care home
  7. What if I'm unhappy with the care I received
  8. How to challenge your local authority over your care
  9. Solving problems if family members are helping you
  10. Employing someone to help with your care
  11. When someone needs formal help managing their money
  12. Setting up a power of attorney in Northern Ireland
  13. Setting up a trust
  14. What is a trustee?
  15. Resolving problems with attorneys and trustees
  16. Self-funding your long-term care – your options
  17. Talking with older people about money
  18. Setting up a power of attorney in Scotland
  19. Setting up a power of attorney in England and Wales