Homes and mortgages

Everything you need to know about buying a home and choosing the right mortgage

Buying a home

Work out your overall buying and moving costs, first time buyer advice, and tips and tools to help you work out what you can afford.

Renting and letting

Advice to help you work out how much rent you can afford, and how to budget and share costs when renting.

Types of mortgage

Learn about different kinds of mortgages, from repayment and interest-only to shared equity and buy-to-let.

Help with mortgages

Get started with our beginner's guide to mortgages, getting the right deal, and tips if you're struggling to pay.

  1. Mortgages – a beginner’s guide
  2. Action plan – How to choose the right mortgage
  3. Mortgage affordability calculator
  4. Mortgage arrears or problems paying your mortgage
  5. Action plan – Get a mortgage if you have a low deposit
  6. Action plan – Work out what mortgage you can afford
  7. Mortgage advice: where to go for the best mortgage deal
  8. Why it pays to review your mortgage regularly
  9. Mortgage calculator
  10. Government help if you can’t pay your mortgage
  11. Remortgaging
  12. Negative equity: what it means and what you can do about it
  13. Increasing your mortgage – Getting a further advance
  14. Should you pay off your mortgage early?
  15. A guide to mortgage payment holidays
  16. Action plan – Work out if it pays to remortgage
  17. Ways of repaying an interest-only mortgage
  18. Action plan - Next steps if you can’t get a mortgage
  19. Action plan - Plan your strategy to repay your interest-only mortgage
  20. Keyfacts documents explaining your mortgage
  21. What to do if you’ve been threatened with repossession
  22. What to do when things go wrong – payments
  23. Financial mis-selling – what to do if you're affected
  24. Mis-sold endowment mortgages
  25. Your mortgage comparison checklist
  26. Should you overpay your mortgage?
  27. How to get a mortgage if you’re struggling
  28. Mortgage repayment options explained
  29. Understanding different types of mortgages
  30. A guide to mortgage fees and costs
  31. A guide to mortgages with special features
  32. Protect yourself and your home: shopping for insurance
  33. Dealing with an endowment shortfall
  34. Compensation if you’ve lost money through mis-selling
  35. Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  36. Stay on top of your mortgage

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