How to buy a car

What to consider before buying a new or used car, including your budget, car finance options, and how to negotiate the best deal.

  1. How to find the right car for your budget
  2. Car finance explained
  3. Making sure you can meet your car payments
  4. Car costs calculator
  5. Buying a car with a personal loan
  6. Leasing a car
  7. Buying a car through hire purchase
  8. Financing a car with personal contract purchase (PCP)
  9. The most reliable cars to own
  10. The safest cars to drive
  11. Car depreciation explained
  12. Car tax bands explained
  13. Best way to finance buying a car
  14. Choosing between petrol and diesel power
  15. Alternatives to petrol and diesel cars
  16. Where to buy a new car
  17. Where to buy a used car
  18. When is the best time to buy a car?
  19. How to negotiate when buying a car
  20. How to test drive and check a used car
  21. How to test drive and check a new car
  22. Car warranties
  23. Deciding how to pay for a car
  24. Saving money for a car
  25. Your top tips for buying and running a car
  26. Hiring or renting a car abroad and in the UK