How to invest money

Learn about investing basics, how to make an investment plan, and understanding your attitude to risk.

  1. Investing – beginner’s guide
  2. Ethical saving and investing
  3. Top tips for choosing investments
  4. Investing a lump sum
  5. Do you need a financial adviser?
  6. Endowment policies
  7. Investing in property
  8. What happens when your with-profits fund closes
  9. High-risk investment products
  10. Compensation if you’ve lost money through mis-selling
  11. Financial mis-selling – what to do if you're affected
  12. Asset classes explained
  13. Assessing the performance of your savings and investments
  14. Getting more informed about investing
  15. Complete a money fact find
  16. Know your risk appetite
  17. Making an investment plan
  18. Diversifying – the smart way to save and invest
  19. Beware hazardous savings and investment products
  20. What are pooled investment funds?
  21. How to buy investments
  22. Understanding investment fees
  23. Key information and cooling off periods
  24. Review your savings and investments
  25. Where to buy investments
  26. Ending your endowment or whole of life with-profits policy early
  27. A beginner’s guide to scams
  28. Choosing a financial adviser
  29. How to spot an investment scam
  30. Getting professional help if you are worried about savings, investments or pensions
  31. Help if you are worried about your savings, investments or pension