How to save money

Work out how much you can afford to save and find out how to set and reach your savings goal.

  1. Why it pays to save regularly
  2. Budget planner
  3. Money Health Check
  4. Savings calculator
  5. Quick cash finder
  6. Saving for your children
  7. Getting into the savings habit
  8. How to choose between saving and borrowing
  9. What if you can’t afford to save?
  10. Emergency savings – how much is enough?
  11. Should you save, or pay off loans and cards?
  12. Compound interest
  13. Don't keep cash under the mattress
  14. Inflation – what the saver needs to know
  15. Saving money to boost your budget
  16. Saving money for Christmas
  17. Saving money for a wedding
  18. Saving money for a holiday
  19. Saving money for a mortgage deposit
  20. Saving money for a car
  21. How to set a savings goal
  22. Should I save or invest my money?
  23. How to prepare for an interest rate rise
  24. Getting professional help if you are worried about savings, investments or pensions
  25. Help if you are worried about your savings, investments or pension