Illness and disability

Advice about Personal Independence Payment, disability grants, aids and equipment.

  1. Money problems and poor mental wellbeing
  2. How to sort out your money if you become ill or disabled
  3. Support to help you keep your job when ill or disabled
  4. Help to find work if you’re disabled
  5. Support to help you study when ill or disabled
  6. Personal Independence Payment – an introduction
  7. Universal Credit for sick or disabled people
  8. Disability benefits and entitlements for children
  9. How to appeal a benefits decision
  10. Funding to adapt your home for accessibility
  11. Charitable grants for ill or disabled people
  12. Shopping around for disability aids and equipment
  13. Motability, Blue Badge Scheme and discounted travel
  14. Money saving tips and discounts for disabled people
  15. Buying insurance if you're ill or disabled
  16. Getting a mortgage if you're ill or disabled
  17. Getting a loan if you're ill or disabled
  18. Early retirement because of illness or disability
  19. Moving from DLA to PIP – coping with income changes
  20. Moving from DLA to PIP – what to do if your award is reduced or stopped
  21. What disability and sickness benefits can I claim?