Types of investment

Information about stocks and shares, investment bonds, tracker funds, with-profits and endowment policies.

  1. Unit Trusts and Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)
  2. Investment bonds
  3. Ending your endowment or whole of life with-profits policy early
  4. Tax and qualifying life insurance products
  5. Structured Products, Structured Deposits and Structured Investments
  6. Buy-to-let property investments
  7. Stocks and shares ISAs
  8. Tax and property investment
  9. Indirect property investments
  10. With-profits funds
  11. Endowment policies
  12. Hedge funds
  13. Spread bets and contracts for difference (CFDs)
  14. Venture Capital Trusts
  15. Investment trusts
  16. Popular investments at a glance
  17. Investing in shares
  18. Workplace investment schemes
  19. Fixed interest securities – gilts and corporate bonds
  20. Community Shares
  21. Tracker funds and exchange traded funds
  22. Art, fine wine and other collectibles as investments
  23. Children's Bonds
  24. Peer to peer lending: what you need to know
  25. Lifetime ISA FAQ
  26. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies