Life and protection insurance

Learn about how to protect your financial future and find out more about the differences between life, critical illness and income protection insurance.

  1. Securing your financial future
  2. How much does protection insurance cost?
  3. Do you need life insurance?
  4. Do you need income protection insurance?
  5. Do you need critical illness cover?
  6. Do you need short-term income protection insurance (STIP)?
  7. Do you need payment protection insurance (PPI)?
  8. What financial protection might you already have?
  9. Protection insurance – tips and myths
  10. How and where to buy life insurance
  11. Life insurance – choosing a policy
  12. How and where to buy income protection insurance
  13. Income protection insurance – choosing a policy
  14. How and where to buy critical illness insurance
  15. Critical illness insurance – choose the right policy
  16. How and where to buy short-term income protection insurance
  17. Short-term income protection – choosing a policy
  18. How and where to buy payment protection insurance
  19. Payment protection insurance – choosing a policy
  20. How to claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI)
  21. Claims management companies for PPI – are they worth it?
  22. Do you need private medical insurance?
  23. Do you need dental insurance?
  24. Whole-of-life policies
  25. Life and protection insurance glossary
  26. Coronavirus and insurance