Making a will

Learn how to make and change a will and find out about the different options available.

  1. Why you should make a will
  2. What happens if you don't leave a will?
  3. Making a will to protect your family
  4. Writing a will – your options
  5. Using a solicitor to write your will
  6. DIY wills – what you need to know
  7. Will writing services – pros and cons
  8. Making a will and planning what to leave
  9. A guide to Inheritance Tax
  10. Gifts and exemptions from Inheritance Tax
  11. Top 5 ways to cut your Inheritance Tax
  12. The tax benefits of giving to charity
  13. Using a trust to cut your Inheritance Tax
  14. Choosing your executor
  15. Changing your will
  16. Making or revising your will after someone dies
  17. Storing your will where others can find it
  18. Talking to your family about your will
  19. Putting your affairs in order
  20. Preparing for illness, old age and death
  21. Funeral plans and over 50s plans