Managing money

See how you can make your money go further and use our Budget planner to discover how much cash you have coming in and what you're spending it on.

  1. Beginner’s guide to managing your money
  2. Living on a budget
  3. Budget planner
  4. Money Health Check
  5. The best ways to pay bills
  6. Paying your own way
  7. Should you manage money jointly or separately?
  8. Managing your money using the jam-jar approach
  9. Prepaid cards
  10. Quick cash finder
  11. Getting informal help to manage your money
  12. Managing money for someone who is missing
  13. How to teach teenagers about money
  14. Getting free financial help and information
  15. How to improve your credit score
  16. Free printed guides
  17. Finding the best deals with price comparison websites
  18. Open Banking and sharing your information online
  19. Money problems and poor mental wellbeing
  20. How to budget for an irregular income
  21. Coronavirus – what it means for you and what you’re entitled to
  22. Coronavirus and your money
  23. Coronavirus and your bills
  24. Help with your rent and other bills