Maternity and paternity rights

Find out how to claim maternity pay and leave from your employer and your rights when returning to work.

  1. Maternity Allowance
  2. Maternity pay and leave
  3. Paternity leave and pay
  4. Your rights when returning to work after maternity leave
  5. Childcare costs and options
  6. Help from your employer with childcare costs
  7. Working for yourself after you've had a baby
  8. Protecting your workplace pension after having a baby
  9. Protecting your State Pension when you have a baby
  10. Action plan – Claim maternity pay and leave
  11. Returning to study after having a baby
  12. Action plan - Claim maternity grants and vouchers
  13. Action plan - Claim Maternity Allowance
  14. Statutory Adoption Pay and Leave
  15. Action plan – Your options for paternity benefits
  16. Action plan - Claim free medical care when pregnant
  17. Action plan – Cut costs when shopping for your baby