My Money

We’ve got loads of bright ideas, money saving tips and step by step recipes for saving money – let My Money help you keep more of your hard-earned cash.

Same stuff, cheaper price

Things like electricity and broadband are the same no matter who you get them from, but the prices can vary massively – get it cheaper!

Break bad money habits

You could be throwing money away without even knowing it. Here’s how to stop your cash from getting away.

Beat the brand

Branded products might look flashier, but that’s just a sneaky sales tactic. Often own brand products are just as good or even better. You’ll save a packet!

Cut the waste

Whether you’re binning loads of food or are stuck on the wrong phone contract, there’s waste out there that’s costing you money – here’s how to stop it.

Sell your clutter

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so if your house is filled with stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of for ages, flog it and make yourself £100s. Follow our steps to get the money they’re worth.