Paying for care

Learn about NHS and self-funding options, managing direct payments, and other ways to pay for your care.

  1. Are you eligible for NHS continuing healthcare funding?
  2. Benefits you can claim when you have care needs
  3. Get financial advice on how to fund your long-term care
  4. Local authority funding for care costs – do you qualify?
  5. NHS Nursing Care Contribution
  6. Means tests for help with care costs – how they work
  7. How a local authority care-needs assessment works
  8. Direct payments explained
  9. Managing direct payments to pay for the care you need
  10. How to fund your long-term care – a beginner’s guide
  11. Claiming on insurance to help cover the costs of care
  12. Using a home reversion plan to pay for your care
  13. Make your money easier to manage by yourself
  14. Using investment bonds to pay for your long-term care
  15. Immediate need care fee payment plans
  16. Using a lifetime mortgage to pay for your long-term care
  17. Using an equity release scheme to fund your care
  18. Paying your own care costs but the money’s run out?
  19. Downsizing your home to fund your long-term care
  20. Deferred payment agreements for people who own their own home and are moving into a care home