Help with making a redundancy plan, benefits you can claim, and your legal rights.

  1. Managing money if your job is at risk
  2. Redundancy pay calculator
  3. Redundancy pay
  4. Changing your career following redundancy
  5. Claiming your tax rebate after losing your job
  6. Out of work checklist – things to do if you lose your job
  7. Review your budget after a drop in income
  8. Making the most of your redundancy pay
  9. Benefits and tax credits when you’ve lost your job
  10. What to do about debt if you lose your job
  11. Your pension options if you’re made redundant
  12. Do you have to pay tax on your redundancy pay?
  13. Top tips for making money when faced with job loss
  14. Can you insure yourself against redundancy?
  15. Working reduced hours as an alternative to redundancy
  16. Your legal rights when facing redundancy
  17. Unfair dismissal versus redundancy
  18. Voluntary redundancy
  19. Early retirement
  20. Free printed guides
  21. Coronavirus if you’re an employee