Renting and letting

Advice to help you work out how much rent you can afford, and how to budget and share costs when renting.

  1. How much rent can you afford?
  2. Budgeting and sharing costs when renting
  3. Help with rent arrears and problems with paying your rent
  4. Your legal and financial responsibilities when renting
  5. Rent or buy – which is the best option for you?
  6. Financial responsibilities if you rent out a property
  7. Rent a Room scheme – how it works and tax rules
  8. Buy-to-let mortgages explained
  9. Renting out a room and rent a room relief
  10. Council Tax: what it is, what it costs and how to save money
  11. Coronavirus – what it means for you and what you’re entitled to
  12. Coronavirus and housing costs
  13. Help with your rent and other bills