Taking control of debt

Where to get free debt advice, how to speak to the people you owe money to, and tips to help you pay back your debts in the right order.

  1. Where to go to get free debt advice
  2. How to prioritise your debt
  3. Talk to the people you owe money to
  4. Help if you’re struggling with debt
  5. Quick and easy debt health check
  6. Options for clearing your debts – England and Wales
  7. Options for clearing your debt – Northern Ireland
  8. Options for clearing your debt – Scotland
  9. Avoid high fees and hidden borrowing costs
  10. Quick access to cash – your options
  11. Beginner’s guide to managing your money
  12. How to deal with student debts after you graduate
  13. Action plan – How to manage your money better
  14. How to reduce the cost of your credit and store card debt
  15. Where to get legal help if in debt
  16. Take action to reduce your debt
  17. How to reduce the cost of your personal loans
  18. Budget planner
  19. Your tips for borrowing money and paying it back
  20. Getting free financial help and information
  21. Prioritise and deal with late payment letters
  22. Dealing with a County Court Judgment (CCJ)
  23. Dealing with the debts of someone who has died
  24. Action plan – Decide whether to save or pay off debts
  25. Action plan – Get free financial advice
  26. Action plan – Reduce costs on credit and store cards