Using your pension pot

Learn about the different types of annuity and other kinds of pension and retirement income.

  1. Options for using your pension pot
  2. Delaying taking your pension pot
  3. What is an annuity?
  4. Understand and compare your investment pathway options
  5. What is pension drawdown?
  6. Taking small cash sums from your pension pot
  7. Taking your whole pension pot as cash
  8. Using your pension pot to buy a lifetime annuity
  9. Fixed or increasing annuities
  10. Higher retirement income for people with poor health
  11. Investment-linked annuities
  12. Protecting your retirement income
  13. How to shop around for an annuity
  14. Single or joint annuities
  15. Pension drawdown: Using your pension pot for a flexible retirement income
  16. Fixed-term annuities
  17. Capped drawdown
  18. Free printed guides