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Where does your money go each month? Work it out now, with our list of items that will remind you of all your expenses. Find out how much spending money you have left after you’ve paid your most important bills.

The budget planner is one of the Money Advice Service’s key tools, offering a quick version which can be completed in around 5 minutes, alongside a more detailed long-form version requiring around 10 minutes.

Each tool takes users through the detail of their monthly incomings and outgoings, helping capture all the essential considerations with suggested common inputs based on our own research in the nation’s budgets.

On completion, both tools allows users to export the details to an excel spreadsheet or email a
summary to themselves, to continue working on their budget offline.


  • Visualisations of your expenses
  • Created using behavioural economics principles
  • Export your budget to a spreadsheet
  • Quick and easy way to get a handle on your budget

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