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How much are your employees' financial worries costing your business?

Absenteeism and productivity loss from financial distress is adding an extra 4% to payroll costs for UK firms.

(Barclays 2014)

You can act now to support your employees' financial well-being. This can help improve productivity, reduce time off work and enhance your reputation.

(CIPD, 2017)

To help you get started, we've created a simple guide with everything you need in one place to help employees make the most of their money.

Employer best practices  top image

Making the most of your money guide

Employers can send employees this easy-to-use guide containing free and impartial ways to help them manage their money. It takes only a few minutes to share with your employees - and can make a big difference in their lives

What's in it for my business & other FAQs

More productive employees. Better engagement. Enhanced reputation. Employees are struggling (more than you might realise) and it's affecting their work. Employees would like you to help - and helping might not be as much work as you think.

More ways you can help your employees

Interested in offering your employees helpful benefits or incentives on money matters? Then check out these additional ways employers like you can help their employees manage their money.

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