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Laura and george

George and Laura

Hear from other employers

Runs the malted waffle co. | Birmingham

Employs 11 sales, engineering and customer services staff

Why she wants to help...

'Although my staff often won't say it outright, I can sense that some may be dealing with money issues. Worrying about the outside world makes it much harder for them to concentrate at work.

As a family business, we want to instil a culture of caring - employees really appreciate it. Simple things like knowing how to check you're on the right tax code could make a real difference.'

Why she is excited about this guide...

Providing employees with information around money matters is not something I had considered before. Seeing this guide, it doesn't seem like much extra work for me, and seems very simple to use. I can simply e-mail this without having to discuss personal money matters.

This way they get the advice and assistance they need, and can be happier outside and inside the workplace as a result. I even found a lot of the content useful for myself too!'

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