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  1. Investment bonds

    Got a lump sum to invest? Investment bonds come with life assurance and also offer tax benefits

  2. With-profits funds

    Need a long-term investment that is managed for you and has life assurance included? A with-profits fund could be what you’re looking for

  3. Endowment policies

    Saving for a long-term goal? Endowment policies give you a package that includes life assurance and some potential tax benefits

  4. Do you need life insurance?

    Life insurance – also called life cover or death cover – isn’t always needed. If you’ve got kids, or a partner or relative relies on you for financial support, it could be worth getting though, so this guide will help you decide

  5. Do you need life insurance?

    Find out about life insurance including information on premiums, risk and where to go for quotes

  6. Life insurance – choosing a policy

    Find out which type of life insurance policy offers the protection you want, and how much cover your family really needs.

  7. Tax and qualifying life insurance products

    For tax-efficient savings and investments, life insurance is an option to look into – it might be more flexible than you think

  8. Review insurance for dependants and your will during divorce or dissolution

    When you’ve separated from your husband, wife or civil partner, you may have to take out extra life insurance or change your will or get a new one

  9. Do you need critical illness cover?

    Is critical illness cover right for you? Our guide explains how it works, how you can use it to cover your mortgage and combining it with life insurance.

  10. How and where to buy life insurance

    Shop around to get the best deal on life cover – find out where to get quotes and read our key buying tips