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  1. Universal Credit explained

    Universal Credit is a new benefit to support you if you're working and on a low income or you're out of work. This page explains how Universal Credit is different  ...

  2. Universal Credit for sick and disabled people

    Universal Credit is gradually replacing Employment and Support Allowance (ESA ) as the main benefit to claim if you can't work because of sickness or disability.

  3. Universal Credit if you live in Scotland

    Universal Credit is normally paid as a single monthly payment, which may include a 'housing costs' element – a contribution towards your rent or mortgage.

  4. How will Universal Credit affect me?

    Some benefits and tax credits are being replaced by Universal Credit. This page tells you more about how Universal Credit is different from the benefits you ...

  5. Universal Credit if you're self-employed

    This page tells you more about claiming Universal Credit if you're self-employed. If you're self-employed and already claiming certain benefits like Tax Credits or ...

  6. Money Manager for Universal Credit claimants

    Money Manager is designed just for people on Universal Credit. ... use it whether you're making a new claim or moving to Universal Credit from existing benefits.

  7. Joint Universal Credit claims for couples

    If you live as a couple and you claim Universal Credit, you'll get a single monthly payment for your household so you might need to make some changes to the ...

  8. Universal Credit

    Get ready for the new single monthly payment which has started to replace six existing benefits.

  9. Universal Credit - information for landlords

    If you're a landlord with tenants on Housing Benefit here's what we think you might need to know about Universal Credit.

  10. What you need to know if a tenant is claiming Universal Credit ...

    Some tenants being moved onto Universal Credit will not be used to managing their own rent payments. And it might even be the first time they've used a bank ...