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  1. How will moving to Universal Credit affect me?

    If you're getting certain benefits, like tax credits or Housing Benefit, you’ll be moved onto Universal Credit at some point. Find out more about the changes

  2. Universal Credit for sick and disabled people

    Information about financial support for sick or disabled people through Universal Credit

  3. Universal Credit explained

    Read our independent guide on Universal Credit to find out how it works and how to claim.

  4. How much is Universal Credit?

    How much is Universal Credit?

  5. Resources for Professionals - Welfare Reform: Information for Landlords

    Universal credit, changes to Housing Benefit and how to help your tenants to manage their own rent payments.

  6. Joint Universal Credit claims for couples

    With Universal Credit you'll get a single payment for your household - so what changes do you need to make and do you need a joint account?

  7. Resources for Professionals - Universal Credit: Information for Finance Staff

    Information on Universal Credit to assist finance staff.

  8. How to budget for a monthly benefit payment

    A single monthly Universal Credit payment means you'll need to get to grips with your household budget - here's how to do it

  9. Universal Credit - information for bank staff

    Some background information about Universal Credit for customer service staff and other advisers working in banks and building societies

  10. Universal Credit glossary

    An A-Z of Universal Credit terminology for anyone working with people affected by Universal Credit