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Compare Bank Account Fees and Charges Beta

We can help you check fees and charges for your bank account or compare fees and charges across a range of bank accounts known as payment accounts.

Payment accounts allow you to deposit income, withdraw cash, and make payments for things like bills and rent. This includes standard current accounts, fee-free basic bank accounts and some e-money accounts. They do not include savings or credit card accounts.

Fees and charges are just some of the things you should think about when choosing the right bank account for you. To compare interest rates, customer service ratings and incentives, we recommend that you visit a range of different comparison sites.

We’ve collected bank account charge and fee information from the majority of the market. We’ll be adding more but be aware this tool does not include every account that might be available. If any of the information appears incorrect or if there is an account that you would expect to appear that is missing please let us know.

Please note: the order of your results is randomised and so the order should not be taken as a recommendation – the most suitable account will depend on your needs.

Looking for a specific account? Press your “Ctrl” key and “F” key at the same time (or “Cmd” and “F” key on a Mac) to start a page search.

The account information was last updated on 19/06/2021

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